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6 Body Language ‘Attraction Triggers’ to Send Women

Being attractive to women sometimes doesn’t depend on what you say. Instead it can depend on the tone of your body language.

It’s been said that almost 90% of your communication is done through non-verbal cues. If you’re not displaying the right kind of body language, then the best openers and routines won’t be able to help you!

So the solution is simple. If you want to demonstrate high status, then you must know the secrets of giving off positive body language. When you do this, you’ll be perceived as a confident and dominant guy!

And in this post, I’ll reveal six ways you can show incredible body language around women.

#1- Eradicate Weak Body Language

The first step to fixing your body language is to eliminate all body language traits that are considered weak. Women can instantly detect a man who isn’t confident. So in order to make INSTANT improvement, you MUST become sensitive to the body language traits you’re displaying.

For instance, some weak traits can include:

• Having your hands in your pockets
• Fidgeting or showing nervous energy
• Talking to people with your arms folded
• Slumping your head or shoulder down
• Looking uncomfortable in social situations
• Not taking up space
• Walking fast everywhere you go
• Leaning towards women during an initial conversation

What’s interesting is you can make dramatic change to your body language simply by eliminating these behaviors.

#2- Work on your stance

The way you stand can have a huge impact on how people will think of you. Here are a few rules for how you should stand:

• Keep your chin and head up
• Position your feet and legs at shoulder length apart
• Have your hands at your side or have only ONE hand holding a drink in front of you (Bar environments)
• Keep your back straight

#3- Take up space

The confident guys in the world are NOT afraid of others. This is especially true in social situations.

An easy way to eliminate your fear is subtly show your dominance and leadership by taking up space wherever your go.

The good news is can be easily done. Whenever you’re in a public environment, try to spread out a little. Instead of folding inwards when you’re surrounded by other people, position your body so you’re taking up the most amount of space.

#4- Be relaxed

A confident guy is somebody who can ALWAYS show a relaxed pose in ANY situation. So if you want to demonstrate high status, you must display a casual aura around women.

By displaying a relaxed (yet confident) attitude, you’re showing that the little things in life don’t phase you. And here are a few ways to do this:

• Your eyes concentrate on the person in the conversation

• When talking to women at a bar, you lean back and show that you’re comfortable

• You never let your eyes dart around a room

• You spread out and look comfortable when sitting down

• You breath through your stomach instead of your chest

By showing a relaxed pose, you demonstrate a LACK of nervous and inferior body language traits

#5- You move deliberately

Low status guys are jumpy and ready to please women. As a result, they end up displaying “needy” body language. Instead of showing that you’re “ready to please” you want to demonstrate that you move on YOUR own terms.

One of the core traits of a beta male is being a guy who is ALWAYS ready to do favors for women. If somebody needs help, the beta male will instantly come running.

Instead of showing this inferior personality trait, you should move slowly and with a measured attitude. By taking deliberate actions with every step, you’ll force people to pay attention to your schedule not theirs.

#6- Face away from women

You can tell a LOT to women without opening your mouth. If you walk up to a woman, invade her personal space and make your intentions obvious, then you’re demonstrating the fact that you’re trying to “pick her up”.

Now when you’re first talking to women, you DON’T want to make your intentions obvious. Instead of invading her space on the initial approach, you want to put her at ease. The best way to do this is to avoid directly facing a woman.

One of the principles of body language is we tend to be uncomfortable by people who face us directly. So instead of positioning yourself right in front of her (or a group), you should approach her to the side. If you can end up side-by-side or at an angle, you’ll reduce her nervousness and tension. And this will help show that you’re not investing too much emotionally in the outcome of the conversation.

Your body language provides your first impression to women. If you know how to demonstrate high status with it, then you can easily show an attractive aura. By applying the six traits I discussed in this post, you’ll be able to show confident and alluring body language around women. login
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